Invest in short-term rentals

for a stellar, safe and recurring yield

Calculate est. revenue for an address worldwide

Why investing in short term rental properties?



Banks are willing to lend to property invest due to low interest rates. Hence open for everyone to invest.


High yield

Unlike traditional real-estate investments, short-term renting will give you higher returns. ROI usually 2-3x compared to long-term letting, up to 25%.


Secure asset

High ROI with a low risk, yes it is possible. Get 2-3x higher returns as traditional property investors, buying a secured and liquid asset with recurring revenue.


Second home

When not renting out your property, you can enjoy it for holidays or professional travels.

Why invest with us?

While managing hundreds of apartments in several cities and collecting market-data globally in real-time, determining potential revenue is what we do best.

Before acquiring an property, we will give you a detailed estimation of future seasonal ADR, occupancy and total revenue, in order for you to make the best decision.

See example report here: Studio_Guestit_RentalizerReport-Kvillepiren1_Gothenburg_Sweden_20200612.pdf
With several offices and real-time collection of global booking-data, we can easily select for you the best properties to acquire in the most dynamic cities.

Regardless of which city in Europe, depending on your budget, we will find the property you need.

Investment from 100 000€.
Understanding the legislation is key for a safe investment. Short-term legislation is evolving constantly and keeping you up-to date is our job.

With our deep market knowledge and experience, we will choose the best location for your needs and handle all municipal autorizations needed for short-term rentals.
We are not only your partner investing in properties but we will also take care of your acquired properties to optimize revenues and ensure that the forecast is met.

Do not hesitate to have a look at our Property Management solution below to see which services we are offering to you and your guests.

Partnership throughout the whole process


1. Pre-invest advice

Global data mining of prices and occupancy lets Guestit uncover the areas with highest Return on Equity for investors


2. Operational support

Full-service operations and caretaking of the property throughout the ownership


3. Security

Sophisticated 24/7 digital and physical security to prevent problems such as fraud and disturbance etc

Guestits operational solution


Professional Photo

Professional photographers makes sure your home is shown in the best possible way


Listing of properties

Creating SEO-optimized ads on all leading booking-websites


Daily price comparision

Our pricing-algorithm optimizes and updates prices daily, based on new input from the market


Guest service & review

Makes sure that only suitable guests with good reviews gets to rent your property and handle all communication with them



Your property is insured throughout the whole rental period


Keys & Check-in

We handle all check-ins regardless of which time they arrive, flexible 24/7



Professional clening, Hotel standard, always new bed-linnen and soft towels



Swift and efficient property maintenance to ensure availability

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About Guestit

We are experts in short-term renting, who loves helping our clients renting out homes to B2B travelers and tourists. We takek care of all operations and you can collect the payouts knowing we take care of everything.

We started in a small-scale, renting out a few of our own and friends apartments. Today we manage a large number of properties and have developed our own software for efficient management and custom pricing-optimization-tools for highest possible yield etc.

Contact us on if you have any questions regarding investing in short-term rentals.


Calculate estimated revenue for an address!

Get more out of your home. Guestits global market-know-how and pricing-algorithm gives upto 50% higher returns compared to other short-term properties.

  • Esitmated monthly income
  • Offer for Guestit management
  • Professional photos